The KWSM Group brings together Consultants in Disability who are known for their expertise and knowledge in the field.

The Groups mission is to work in Collaboration with others to build capacity around Change, Creation and Choice in people’s lives.

Kathleen Wozniak

Kathleen Wozniak

■  Kathleen is only one of a handful of NDIS registered independent support coordinators in Queensland. She is also registered for Specialist Support Coordination.

■  She has a strong reputation for her work as a Support Coordinator having provided this service for the past two years is one of the most experienced in South East Queensland.

■  She has been working with people with disabilities, their families and service providers for 24 years and is now in her 4th year working as an Independent Consultant in Disability – and a founder of the KWSMGroup.

■  Kathleen has completed a degree in Behavioural Science with a Major in Disability Studies.

■  She is particularly passionate about Self Direction. She enjoys working with people through change and innovation, giving strategic advice and mentoring others.

Stephen Martin

Stephen Martin

■  Stephen is a passionate technologist, who enjoys problem-solving. He is a registered provider under the NDIS for Smart Assistive Technologies.

■  With over 15 years’ experience working in Information Communication Technologies and Systems. His most recent work in a global company provided the opportunity working with and on sites around the world in the US, Europe and Asia.

■  As a founder of the KWSMGroup – Stephen left his corporate job to pursue his vision of consulting in technology to link people with disability with mainstream solutions.

■  He does not sell product or equipment but rather works directly with clients to find and implement the right Smart AT solution that best suits their needs.

■  He is known for his creative Smart AT solutions working directly with people with disability, Occupational Therapists and other providers.